Our Services

Admission Counselling

The first step in this journey will be a counseling session that helps you choose the best field, school, and destination that fits your condition and goals.

Application and Admission Assistance

Each university has its requirements and its unique application process. Our expert will help you with the forms and admission process.

Formal Documents Preparation

Regardless of your selected university, general documents must be provided to present you to the academic institutes. These documents include your CV, Statement of Purpose, and Recommendation Letter, which can create a good impression on your application.

Interview Preparation

You may have an interview with the Visa officer, and it is essential to be ready for this session. We will prepare you for this step as well.

Visa Assistance

Receiving your admission is not the final step, and you shall also apply for the Study Visa. Depending on your destination, there are different requirements to apply for Visa. Our staff will help you gather all the required documents for your visa application.

Continuous Support

Applying for universities is not just filling out a form. Still, it requires follow-ups and communication with the relevant department, especially if it takes time and you haven't heard back. We will do these steps on your behalf of you and help you reach the final answer.